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Providing Experienced Zoning And Land Use Guidance

Municipal real estate, zoning and land use laws govern the way properties may be developed and used. When commercial projects are proposed, zoning laws must be taken into consideration and all necessary permits and variances secured.

Local companies, as well as those from other states, often find this process overwhelming. At Goldman, Monaghan, Thakkar & Bettin, P.A., we help commercial developers and real estate companies avoid red tape and navigate zoning and land use issues in an efficient manner.

Do you need a special exception, a variance, or an amendment to a comprehensive plan? Our attorneys can help you with these and other zoning and land use issues. Founding partner William H. Cantwell II is board certified in construction law by the Florida Bar, a designation that represents expertise in all legal issues relating to the construction process, from land acquisition and project financing to post-construction claims settlement. Kimberly Bonder Rezanka handles all aspects of the negotiations with staff, application submittal, hearings, and trial work (if needed).

The Benefits Of A Local Law Firm During Land Use Issues

Local land laws are constantly in flux. If you have a large development deal in the works, it is in your best interests to consult, early in the process, with local lawyers, who know the lay of the land.

Our attorneys have been handling real estate, land use and zoning issues since 1984. We understand the various laws, regulations and municipal systems at play in Brevard County, and know how best to navigate these systems.

Our firm assists with every stage of the process – from drafting initial permit applications and obtaining needed variances, to representation during municipal hearings in front of zoning boards and county commissioners. We also handle disputes regarding boundaries, platting, easements and rights of way.

Large development projects often face opposition from neighbors and civic groups. We are deeply rooted in the community. Our firm often acts as a liaison between neighbors and developers, helping to smooth over disputes and reach mutually beneficial agreements.

The result: Our clients get the permits and variances needed to keep their projects on time and on budget.

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If you are contemplating a commercial development project, need help rezoning your property or changing the use of your property, or are in the midst of a project and have met opposition, contact our firm. Call 321-353-7625 to schedule a consultation. Our offices are conveniently located in Melbourne and Cocoa.