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Probate And Trust Administration Services

Dealing with the death of a family member or close friend can be emotionally draining. If you are the estate executor – or personal representative – or have been named trustee, you may also be feeling overwhelmed by the legal processes in front of you.

At Goldman, Monaghan, Thakkar & Bettin, P.A., we are for you. We offer full-service probate and trust administration services. Our attorneys will provide as much or as little guidance as you need to ensure all of your legal duties are met.

Probate Administration

After an individual passes away his or her estate must be liquidated and the assets sold or distributed. This process is called estate administration. As personal representative or estate executor, it is your duty to manage this process.

Probate can be complicated and time-consuming. At Goldman, Monaghan, Thakkar & Bettin, P.A., we make it easier. Our lawyers will assist you with all of your probate administration duties, including:

  • Inventorying and valuing estate assets
  • Identifying and notifying estate creditors
  • Identifying and locating beneficiaries and heirs
  • Submitting the estate to probate
  • Paying creditors
  • Funding trusts, if applicable
  • Distributing assets according to the terms of the will, if present
  • Preparing and filing tax returns
  • Representation during probate litigation, such as will contests, if they arise

Together, we will help you complete probate administration in the most time- and cost-effective manner possible.

Trust Administration

Trusts are entities created by the deceased that hold property for third parties – beneficiaries. Trust documents lay out how property is to be managed and distributed.

Administering a trust is similar to administering an estate. As trustee you must locate, value and secure trust property. You must also manage trust property and make distributions per the terms of the governing documents. If you fail in your fiduciary duties, you can be held liable for any property or financial loss.

At Goldman, Monaghan, Thakkar & Bettin, P.A., we provide comprehensive legal support to trustees. Our lawyers assist with the initial funding of the trust, if necessary; and provide counsel regarding ongoing trust asset management and distributions, as well as representation when the trust is dissolved. We also represent trustees and beneficiaries during trust disputes.

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