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Attorneys In Cocoa, Florida, Defending People Charged With Theft And Burglary

“Theft” is a broad term that describes a wide range of offenses, including shoplifting, auto theft and financial crimes such as fraud. At Goldman, Monaghan, Thakkar & Bettin, P.A., we help potential clients understand the charges against them, the penalties they face, and the defense strategies that may help protect their freedom and futures.

Perhaps you are looking for a criminal lawyer after being accused of stealing property or committing theft through credit card fraud. We are here to prepare you to respond to a prosecutor, judge or jury. Above all, we are ready to help you take back the reins after being charged with a crime.

Remember, You Are Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Our defense attorneys are big believers in people’s constitutional rights. We will stand up for you in court while helping you pursue the best attainable outcome in your theft or burglary case. If the prosecution alleges that a gun or any weapon was involved, you may face aggravated charges.

We will work closely with you to devise a defense strategy that will work for you. This may mean negotiating with the prosecution to lower the charges from aggravated theft or burglary – a felony – to less serious charges at the misdemeanor level. Or it may mean demonstrating that a law enforcement agent conducted illegal search and seizure leading up to your arrest. Your case could be dismissed altogether.

At this time, we encourage you not to try to act as your own attorney. Turn to an experienced professional who has delivered many successful outcomes for past clients.

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We understand that it is a frightening experience to be charged with burglary, shoplifting or any kind of theft. We will help you face your defense needs with determination rather than out of fear.

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