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Answering Your Fraud Prevention Questions

As a title agent, our firm is aware that there are a substantial number of fraudulent real estate sales schemes. We do not want our clients to waste valuable time or fall victim to fraud. Examples of fraudulent schemes include:

  • A sales price which is too good to be true.
  • All contact with the seller is by e-mail, and no realtor is involved.
  • Deposit checks are for large amounts, larger than called for in the contract.
  • Signatures on the deeds in title differ from the signature on the contract.
  • Fraudulent satisfactions of mortgage in the chain of title.
  • Fraudulent deeds being filed in the chain of title.

We are aware of these and other related scams, and our responsibility is to protect you from being taken advantage of. If there is undiscovered fraud and you suffer a loss, then the title insurance policy will protect you.

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