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Family Law Counsel For Families

Some family law clients come to us as they are approaching divorce with no children involved. The change in marital status may be straightforward and the spouses agreeable about the terms of their divorces, or they may have more complex concerns about the division of retirement accounts and other assets, health insurance coverage and other issues that will have an impact on their future well-being. A family law attorney from our firm can help them negotiate equitable property distribution and, when appropriate, alimony.

Many other clients come to us as they are getting ready to file for divorce or respond to their spouses’ divorce filings and children are involved. Their divorce decrees will include child custody and support orders. In most cases, their families will be restructured to include co-parenting.

In each type of family law case, we recognize that our clients are about to turn the page and open a new chapter of life. At Goldman, Monaghan, Thakkar & Bettin, P.A., in Cocoa, we help people move through the stages of divorce and other family law issues as smoothly as they can. We want them to take away renewed confidence about their futures.

We Have Your Future In Mind

No one enjoys the legal process of divorce. We do our best to make it easier for our clients to understand and get through reasonably, whether a divorce is contested or uncontested, We help them negotiate and put together parenting plans that will work. We also represent unmarried parents in paternity actions and child custody cases.

Perhaps you plan to marry soon and wonder if you and your fiancé(e) should prepare a prenuptial agreement (prenup). Or you may be married and wonder about putting together a postnup. Our lawyers can help you decide and then pursue the right way forward..

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Whatever family law issue you are facing, our attorneys are here for you. You may seek to modify or enforce a custody or support order. Perhaps you suspect that divorce is down the road and you want advice about divorce planning. We are confident that you will find a conversation with one of our attorneys worth your while.

To schedule a consultation with an experienced, attentive family law attorney, call 321-353-7625 or send an email inquiry.