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Factors That May Impact Your Drug Charges

For decades, authorities all across the country have implemented strict penalties for drug offenses — even those for marijuana despite America’s recent stance on the drug.

Here are five different factors that often play a part in the drug charges an individual will face.

The Weight Of The Drug

The amount of the drug found in an individual’s possession will likely play a part in the jail sentence. For instance, an individual found with 4 or more grams of hydrocodone could face a minimum three-year prison sentence.

The Location Of The Drug

Individuals often face harsher punishments if they were caught in possession of a drug within the vicinity of, for instance, a day care or school. Typically, individuals caught selling within 1,000 feet or less of either of these will face more stringent drug charges.

The Use Of A Weapon

Typically, multipliers (as they are known) will increase the prison sentence of an individual facing a drug charge. A prison sentence for a drug offense that involved, for instance, the use of a firearm, will likely be more than an offense committed without a weapon.

Criminal History

The criminal history of the individual facing the drug charge will also play a part in the ultimate sentence. A sentencing score sheet is used, with factors like past criminal indiscretions, that contribute to the ultimate number.

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