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Domestic abuse against men

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2020 | Criminal Defense

When most people hear the term “domestic violence,” they might assume that the victim is a woman. However, domestic violence against men in Florida and other parts of the U.S. occurs frequently. Fortunately, both men and women are protected against domestic violence under the law.

Domestic abuse refers to a wide range of violent acts and sometimes relates to the mistreatment of a child or spouse by another member of a household. The mistreatment can include physical harm, sexual abuse and verbal threats. The primary distinction between domestic violence and more general assault is the relationship that the abuser and victim share.

Domestic violence is often foreshadowed by actions that may not always appear to be violent in nature, such as name-calling, making insults, showing possessiveness or controlling finances or spending. Interfering with the ability to see family and friends or threatening to expose private or sensitive information to others can also be forms of domestic violence. In many instances, alcohol or drug use may play a role in domestic abuse incidents.

When it comes to domestic abuse, the gender of the attacker is irrelevant. Male victims of domestic abuse should get out of the situation as soon as possible because even small disputes can quickly transform into a dangerous situation. If the abuse continues, a victim may be able to file a restraining order.

Laws about domestic abuse exist to equally protect men and women, but misunderstandings and mistakes can occur. Those who have been accused of domestic violence and are looking for legal protection may consider consulting with an experienced criminal defense attorney to understand their rights.


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