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Recently relocated to Brevard County? Time for a talk

On Behalf of | May 2, 2019 | Wills & Trusts

Let’s say you have recently relocated to Brevard County. You’ve left behind the snow and the sleet of your former home up north and you’re looking forward to enjoying your days of sunshine and sand in your new home here in Florida.

While you’re busy unpacking your sunscreen and swimming suits and the big lifestyle changes the Sunshine State has in store for you, consider a change you will need to make as well. The will or estate plan prepared for you in your former home state will need to be updated in your new home so that you can be sure to take full advantage of Florida law in protecting yourself and your loved ones.

While it’s true that Florida recognizes most wills that are valid in another state, you should discuss its terms with an estate planning attorney who can help you determine if it still expresses your wishes. After all, the laws here are not exactly the same as they were in your previous home and you will want to know if the plans you made there will be executed as you wish here.

Consider, too, that even if your will can remain intact in Florida, it is likely to be probated – an expensive process for your heirs. To protect those whom you love, consider sitting down with a local estate planning lawyer to learn more about how a Revocable Living Trust can protect your assets and heirs.

You can also protect yourself a Durable Power of Attorney, Health Care Surrogate and other estate planning tools. Talk over your options with a Cocoa lawyer who has helped others settle safely into their new lives here.


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