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Three Traits of A Successful Attorney-Client Relationship

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2017 | Firm News

Imagine not being sure that your lawyer will provide what is promised. Imagine not knowing where in the legal process you are, or what should be done next. Imagine hiring counsel that you did not feel completely comfortable or open with.

Through mutual trust, clarity, and comfort, a successful attorney-client relationship blooms.

That is our goal at Cantwell & Goldman.

Trust is a core foundation of any relationship. As attorneys, we listen to your personal story. We note your concerns and work toward the best solution. You choose to trust us with your time and personal information, and it is our job to provide you with effective answers.

Clarity is also key in an attorney-client relationship. What if your attorney spoke in ‘legalese’ – using technical terminology that was nearly impossible to follow? What if he didn’t break a process down for you or simply explained too fast without reviewing? Ultimately, it would add to your stress rather than lessen it. Albert Einstein once said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” Our attorneys, through decades of experience, are able to clearly and accurately ‘explain it simply’ for you, so we can tackle your issues together.

Comfort is a staple in all relationships. In fact, relationships would not germinate without a certain degree of comfort. Just as you should not date a partner you are not comfortable with or hire a doctor you are uneasy about, you should not hire a legal representative you do not completely confide in. In a sensitive and technical field like law, the client deserves the assurance that amongst the stress and chaos, their needs are first. When you step through our door, we can assure you one thing: they are.

Cantwell & Goldman has served Brevard County for decades. It is our home and home to a majority of our clients. Growing up here, we understand the everyday importance of trust, clarity, and comfort. These concepts seem simple, but they serve as the pillars to this relationship, and take consistent efforts to uphold. However, they are also pillars that hold up any relationship, and take consistent effort to uphold. Our firm reinforces these values to form authentic, flourishing relationships with our clients. Our goal is to keep our successful relationships flourishing, while forming many new ones in the years to come.


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