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Part I: Estate planning myths that will not go away

There are some myths that simply will not die. Even today there are people who believe that the Earth is flat, George Washington chopped down a cherry tree and that Columbus discovered America. Estate planning is, unfortunately, not immune from its own myths and legends.

Consider the tax obligations of your heirs when leaving assets

As a parent, you likely love all your children equally and want that to be reflected in their inheritances. After all, one of the biggest fears that most people have when estate planning is unintentionally creating family conflict. Passing along assets in unequal measure can seem like favoritism, which can stir resentment.

Thinking beyond death

Most Americans believe in an afterlife – a life after death. But “thinking beyond death” doesn’t refer to heaven or hell, it refers to estate plans that include more than distribution of your assets to your loved ones when you pass on. It refers to a plan that takes into account the very real possibilities that something will happen to cause you hardship while alive.

Estate planning after a Florida divorce

In the aftermath of a divorce, it can be difficult to remember all the things that need to be changed in your life. For many divorced parents, there are significant changes to the time they get to spend with their kids, as well as alterations in living arrangements, household income, insurance and much more.

Do I need an estate plan if I don’t have children?

Some adults choose to have children; others choose not to. If you are an adult without children, you have the benefit of controlling more of your free time and having more disposable income in your pocket. However, you have additional concerns that do not trouble parents. For example, you might sometimes wonder to whom you will leave your assets after you die.

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