Long Term Care Insurance

Long term care insurance is one of the fastest growing insurance products today. Long term care insurance is specifically designed to provide financial assistance to the policyholder if they need nursing home care in the future, which is not normally covered under their traditional health insurance policies.

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Questions you may have:

What should I do if my Long Term Care insurance claim is denied?

You do not have to accept a denial from your long term care insurance carrier as the final word on your claim. You have the legal right under Florida law to challenge denied or unpaid long term care, assisted living and nursing home insurance claims. The insurance carrier must fully explain why the claim was denied.

How should I proceed?

Prior to making an appointment with the attorney, it is important that you prepare for the consultation by gathering and organizing your evidence.

What evidence will I need for the Attorney to Review?

1. It is important to get the denial in writing. You have the right to a written denial letter from the insurance company which includes disclosure of the basis for denying your claim.

2. Obtain a copy of the Long Term Care application and the policy. If you do not have a copy, make a written request to the insurance carrier for a copy. Usually, the best person to contact would be the one who denied your claim.

3. Obtain the name of the insurance agency and the name of the agent who sold the long term care policy.

4. Find out if anyone was present when the application was taken. If so, get the name, address and phone numbers of those present.