Insurance Claim Law Guidance

Clients purchase insurance policies to protect them against a potential loss or catastrophe. However, after paying premiums to the insurance companies, individuals and businesses sometimes are denied benefits by their own insurance company. Insurance disputes include wrongful denial of benefits under policies for:

Wrongful denial of benefits does not just mean a refusal to pay any benefits. It also includes a refusal to pay the full amount of the claim that you are entitled to receive. For example, if you suffered roof damage on account of Hurricane Irma, are you entitled to a new roof or just replacement of lost shingles and fascia?

In general, in order to evaluate your claim, the attorney needs: (a) the written denial from the insurance company, and (b) a copy of the insurace policy. If the claim is for property damages, the attorney will need pictures of the damaged area, both before and after the loss occurred.

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