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2 reasons it’s worthwhile to defend against a traffic ticket

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2023 | Criminal Defense

The average person who is accused of breaking the law doesn’t defend against the allegations they’re facing. Even those who are accused of felonies and misdemeanor offenses plead guilty despite asserting that they did nothing to violate the law.

People often assume that it will be too expensive or too embarrassing to go to court and defend against the allegations they face. When the violation in question is a traffic offense, many adults in Florida don’t even seriously consider defending themselves. They think that paying the ticket, and thereby pleading guilty, is the best solution. However, there are many reasons why fighting a traffic ticket is often the best response to a citation, especially given the two concerns below.

1. Traffic tickets can cost someone their license

Every traffic violation will add points to someone’s traffic record. The worst offenses can add six points at one time, and the driver only needs 12 points to accrue in 12 months to run the risk of losing their driving privileges. It can take as few as two traffic citations for someone to lose their license temporarily just because they pay the ticket instead of fighting it.

2. Tickets cost more than just a fine

If the only penalty for a traffic offense was the fine assessed by the state, then it might make financial sense to pay the ticket and move on. However, individuals can expect their insurance costs to go up significantly after one traffic ticket, and multiple infractions can drastically increase how much the insurance company charges them for the same amount of coverage. People may pay hundreds of dollars more for their premiums for multiple years after a single ticket. Over time, those additional insurance costs can add up to be far more than what it would have taken to fight the ticket.

There are typically at least a few viable defense strategies available for those who have been accused of a traffic infraction, although the best defense always depends on the allegations someone faces and the evidence that the state possesses. Fighting back against a traffic ticket with the assistance of a legal professional could help someone move on with their life with fewer long-term consequences than they would incur if they “simply” paid their ticket.


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