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Don’t put off writing your will: Here’s why

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2020 | Estate Planning

Most people put off writing their wills. There are plenty of surveys showing, for instance, that most Americans don’t have a will or that doing estate planning is even becoming less common. 

While everyone has their own reasons for procrastinating, from feeling intimidated by the subject to not knowing how to begin, the truth is that everyone should have a plan. Putting it off can cause a lot of issues for your family after you pass away. 

Disputes and confusion can arise when there’s no will

The reason you shouldn’t put off writing a will isn’t so much about you as it is about your family. If you pass away unexpectedly before you get around to estate planning, what does that mean for them?

It could lead to a lot of confusion. They won’t know what you wanted, what you owned, how to access your financial accounts, what assets you may have had that you never talked about and much more. They can find these answers, but it adds a lot of stress and confusion to an already stressful time. 

Plus, a lack of planning is one of the top reasons for estate disputes. If you do not make your wishes known, what are the odds that all of your heirs are going to agree on every point? Even when your children tend to get along and work together, the odds are small. This creates estate disputes that could have been avoided with even minor planning. 

Getting started on your estate plans

Putting your estate plan together and getting a will is a way to show your family that you care. An experienced attorney can help you better understand all of your options and help you craft a plan that truly meets your family’s needs.


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