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What to know about the types of domestic violence

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2020 | blog

Individuals in Florida who have been hit, punched or otherwise physical assaulted by a loved one are likely victims of domestic violence. However, there are other types of abuse that an individual may be a victim of. For instance, those who are constantly bullied or mocked by their spouses may be considered victims of emotional abuse. Those who inflict emotional trauma on others are attempting to control their victims by making them feel inadequate or incapable of receiving love from others.

If a person prevents a spouse from getting a job or a college degree, he or she may be engaging in financial abuse. The abuser may control access to a joint bank account or other joint accounts that a couple may have. In some cases, an abuse victim may be denied money to purchase basic supplies like food and clothing.

Individuals who are forced to engage in sexual acts against their will may be victims of sexual abuse. The same may be true for those who experience unwanted touching or who are not allowed to use birth control products. Individuals who believe that they have been abused by a spouse or romantic partner are encouraged to seek help from law enforcement or to obtain a restraining order. This may be especially helpful for parents as children who witness domestic violence may eventually emulate what they see.

A person who is charged with domestic violence is not necessarily guilty of a crime. An attorney may argue that an individual is the victim of a false allegation or that police took the wrong person into custody. Legal counsel may also offer evidence that a defendant was not at the crime scene when an incident took place. A legal professional’s efforts may help an individual avoid criminal penalties.


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