Handling A Wide Variety Of Matters

When you glance at a family as a neighbor or a co-worker might, you will often see an outward appearance that everything is fine with them. Their lives appear to be going according to plan. But if you look a bit below the surface, you sometimes spot issues and problems requiring attention.

We recently read of such a family, with an issue lurking beneath the surface. Though the problem is an important one, it is one that can be addressed today with the help of an experienced estate planning attorney.

The Donovans have four children: three who have graduated college and have launched promising careers, and a fourth child, Daniel, who lives at home, but is a tremendous source of joy for his loved ones.

Daniel, who has Down’s Syndrome, inspires his family with “his big heart and the friendly way (he) greets people at the grocery store, his doctor’s office and his school.” While his parents love him and help him develop his talents, they worry that he might not have the housing and care he will need after they have passed away.

Their worries could be addressed with a special needs trust that will provide for Daniel after his parents are gone. A special needs trust can be created that can ensure that the beneficiary gets help with living expenses and also be eligible for government assistance such as Medicaid.

Contact a Brevard County attorney experienced in the creation and administration of trusts that protect you and your loved ones today and in the future.


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