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Life lesson learned with a bride in ER

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2019 | Wills & Trusts

Because we regularly share information here in our Brevard County legal blog about estate planning, probate, wills, trusts, asset protection and related topics, we know full well the challenges of not only making those subjects interesting, but in making people comfortable with the idea of planning for what will happen after they die.

Perhaps it is those challenges that enable us to really appreciate a recent newspaper column that perfectly illustrates why estate planning is so important to us all. The columnist’s story began with a wedding he attended with his wife.

The bride was beautiful, he noted, and everyone was having a wonderful time until out of nowhere, the harsh realities of life made themselves known.

Toward the end of what had been a lovely day, the bride’s father began having chest pains and became ill. An ambulance was called to the wedding reception and carried him off. On the way to the hospital, he went into full cardiac arrest.

At the hospital, wedding guests waited anxiously with the bride in her gown to hear word about her father’s status. Finally, a doctor came out to reassure everyone that her father had survived, but that more tests and observation were needed.

The possibility that he would die on this daughter’s wedding day passed.

The harrowing incident reminded the writer that bad things can happen even in the midst of happy events. No one knows when the end will arrive for them or anyone else.

The columnist noted that this uncertainty is part of what makes planning so important. If we all knew the day our death, there would be no real need for estate planning. We could take care of it with just the right amount of time to spare.

We would be sure to have a health care power of attorney in our pocket as we arrived at the emergency room so that everyone would understand exactly what should and should not be done in event of incapacitation. We could put the finishing touches on a will and a trust moments before the documents would be needed. And so.

Obviously, we all understand that life – and death – don’t work that way. Planning is crucial to take care of our loved ones and distribute our assets exactly as we want them distributed.

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