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Do you have a plan in place to reduce your estate tax liability?

You have spent a lifetime building up your assets and establishing yourself. Whether you make your money off of investments, a business you started or a salary, you have already paid taxes to the state and to the federal government on the money you earned. That's one of many reasons why people find the concept of an estate tax so offensive.

Estate planning mistakes to avoid

One of the most important parts of life is to learn from the mistakes we make so that we can avoid making those same errors again. It is also important to share information with family members and friends so that they can learn from our mistakes, too, and likewise avoid taking those same missteps.

Why you might fund a spendthrift trust for one of your heirs

If you are the parent of adult children, you may be struggling to plan the fair distribution of your estate given the wide spectrum of aptitude and abilities of the heirs. For instance, some of your brood may be quite responsible and sober-minded while one or two others have trod quite far off of life's beaten path.

Should art be a part of your estate plan?

To paraphrase an old saying, one person's art can be another person's trash. Not everyone is smitten with the Mona Lisa, for instance, and some people adore and others loath the reality-bending Cubist paintings of Pablo Picasso. While taste and preferences are entirely subjective, there is no doubt that the Spanish master's works are worth millions of dollars.

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