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A winding tale of money, prison, probate and family

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2018 | Probate & Trust Administration

The story of a father and son winds though life and death, from Florida to New Hampshire, and from freedom to prison. Both the father and son lived in both states at times before the older man’s death in 2010. The 53-year-old son currently lives about 100 miles north of Brevard County in DeLeon Springs.

He might not be here much longer, however, after his convictions on five counts of stealing more than $400,000 from his late father were upheld by the New Hampshire Supreme Court. He faces a prison stay of up to 30 years for his convictions and was also ordered by a Florida probate judge to repay the estate $573,000.

He was also ordered to make restitution in the criminal case. He was able to satisfy both claims by making a $410,000 payment to the attorney representing the estate. Both the family and the estate agreed to the arrangement, a news article stated.

The court’s reasoning on the payment was that the man should not have to pay twice for the same acts.

The substantial sum might be the least of his worries, however, as he has been sentenced to serve three 10 to 30-year prison terms concurrently. He was convicted on two other charges as well, but those two 10 to 30-year terms were suspended on the condition that he maintains good behavior for 15 years after his release.

Previous articles on the case indicated that prior to his father’s death, the son used powers of attorney to improperly move money from bank accounts he shared with his investment banker dad to an account he alone controlled.

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