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3 ways to reduce hospital or medical debt fast

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2018 | blog

No one likes to be sick or to go to the doctor, but it is sometimes necessary. After feeling awful, the last thing you want to receive is the bill, but when it does come, it has to be addressed.

Medical bills have some of the highest costs and shocking totals. When you get a bill, you may think that you have no choice but to pay what’s on the bill, but that’s not completely true. Here are a few things to remember.

1. Check your bill

Before you pay anything, you need to check your bill. Look for double charges for the same treatment or service. Verify that you’ve been billed correctly.

2. Call the hospital for negotiations

After you receive the bill, look around at other medical facilities and see what they charge for the same procedures or treatments you received. If you find a lower rate, write it down and keep it on hand.

Next, call the hospital and begin negotiating down your bill. Start by asking for a reduction in the costs of the bill based on what you believe the procedure should have cost. Next, ask if there are ways to further reduce your bill that the hospital can assist you with.

3. Offer a settlement

Finally, remember that money talks. If the hospital is asking you to pay a bill of $100,000, it is worth asking if they’ll take a $50,000 cash settlement, for example. If you have cash to pay a lump sum, many facilities would rather accept that sum than try to obtain compensation from you over time, through collections or have to take you to court.

These are three ways you can potentially lower your bill from the hospital. Try them, and you may find yourself in a better financial situation.


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