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ER visit leads to financial emergency

Medical debt is typically very different from other kinds of debt. No one chooses to become ill or to be injured in a car accident, fall or other mishap. In many cases of medical debt, the person who was sick or injured did not have health insurance, so there was no one to cover their medical costs.

Medical debt cost her family almost everything

The story of one American family can by turns break your heart and fill you with hope. The tale began 11 years ago when a couple found out they were going to become parents of twins. They were happy to hear the news, but just 24 weeks into her pregnancy, the mom gave premature birth.

How to deal with daunting medical bills

The numbers make it clear why medical bills overwhelm so many people. A Kaiser Family Foundation survey found that one out of five seniors (people 65 and older) struggle to pay their medical bills. Nearly half of those surveyed said it would be difficult for them to pay a $500 unexpected medical bill. Thirty percent of insured Americans said they have received bills in which their health insurance covered less than they expected.

It's the beginning of 2018: How's your credit card debt looking?

Most people come out of the holiday season with some extra credit card debt. This can be a little scary if you're used to having your debt under control. Whether you needed a extra financial padding to pay for a family trip to visit the in-laws, or your wanted some cash to buy a few more Christmas presents, it's time to get serious about getting your debt levels under control.

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