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November 2017 Archives

'Tis the season to look at credit card debt

Experts say that you should pay your credit card bill every month in full so that you don't have to pay those high credit-card interest rates. While those experts might well be right about the wisdom of paying off cards monthly, the reality is that many people find themselves carrying a high balance (the average is over $10,000) and paying an interest rate that averages 16 percent.

Know these dos and don’ts of credit card debt

Nobody plans to get into unmanageable credit card debt. Credit card debt is something that can sneak up little by little, or it can happen all at once from a major expense. Neither situation is desirable, but the reality is that numerous Americans live with overwhelming credit card debt.

Your home business and zoning requirements

Running your own business has probably been a lifelong dream. It is for many people. Being your own boss, setting your own hours, and working strictly on your terms may only be a step away now that you have everything in place. But, if you are planning on operating out of your home, there could still be a few hurdles that you have to jump over.

A Florida city where vegetable gardens are zoned out

It is about a three-hour drive south from Brevard County to Miami Shores, Florida. The village is known as a combination bedroom community and destination for retired folks. It has also become known as the place that doesn't allow residents to grow vegetable gardens.

Editorial: Florida lawmakers threaten local control

It is a more than 300 miles from Brevard County to Tallahassee. If some Florida lawmakers get their way, residents of Brevard's 16 communities would have to make that 5-plus hour drive each time they wanted to address local issues involving ordinances, regulations and future plans. That is according to a recent newspaper editorial.

Community Associations - Service of Process

I recently came across the case of FREMONT REORGANIZING CORPORATION F/K/A FREMONT INVESTMENT & LOAN D/B/A FREMONT INVESTMENT AND LOAN v. THE GRAND CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATION, INC., which highlights the importance of proper service of process. Specifically, the appellate court affirmed that the trial court properly vacated the default and default final foreclosure judgment after finding that the foreclosure judgment was void because the owner had not been properly served with the foreclosure complaint. However, the appellate court found that the trial court erred in refusing to vacate the subsequent sheriff's deed and sheriff's sale. The sheriff's deed, and resulting sheriff's sale, were both based upon the void final judgment of foreclosure, which was itself based upon the void default. Ultimately, the appellate court held that once the trial court concluded that the underlying foreclosure judgment was void, it had no choice but to finish the job and vacate the subsequent transactions predicated solely upon the "void" decree. The full text of the case is copied below.

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