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What is the property rezoning process in Brevard County?

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2017 | blog

Real estate investors frequently purchase properties that they want to use for specific purposes. If the property, however, has a zone that does not allow for the intended purpose, the owners will need to apply to rezone the property.

In some cases, property owners purchased land with the intention of rezoning it for an intended purpose. In other cases, investors purchase land without realizing that they cannot use it the way they planned.

The steps involved with rezoning property

Rezoning a property is a legal process that has various steps and stages, and it’s not always successful. Here are the steps required for a successful application:

  • Pre-application: Applicants should learn about the Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Code for Brevard County to make sure that their rezoning proposal meets all requirements and reflects existing trends. Developing a preliminary development proposal is a great way to make sure your plan is reasonable.
  • Submitting your application: You will create a “rezoning application” stating the reasons why you want your land rezoned and you will submit it with the application fee. You may also need to hold a public meeting to discuss your plans and their possible impact on the surrounding community. There are various components to submitting an application package like this, which applicants will need to fully understand.
  • Application review: The review of your application will be carried out by different Brevard County departments and divisions where required. These departments will review the application to make sure the request complies current development policies.
  • Planning and zoning board and local planning public hearing: This is a special hearing in which affected parties may submit their arguments against the zoning change. A public hearing announcement will also be posted around the property so that potentially affected community members are aware. Applicants who have public opposition may want to meet with opposing parties before the hearing to discuss their concerns.
  • Board of County Commissioners (BCC) public hearing: After the Planning and Zoning Board submits its recommendations to the BCC, the BCC will consider them and hold a public hearing that may result in an approval or denial.
  • Zoning map amendment: If approved, the BCC will revise the county zoning map to reflect the decision.

Feeling overwhelmed by your zoning change application?

The more applicants know about (1) existing zoning laws, (2) the requirements for gaining approval for a zoning change application, and (3) the current trends in zoning, the more likely they will be to gain approval. As such, you may want to learn as much as you can about this process and discuss your zoning request with various professionals before submitting your application.


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