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End of a dream: Florida developer shuts down project

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2017 | Land Use & Zoning

When developers and city leaders convene a press conference to announce construction of a new project, it is done with big smiles and high hopes. We have seen many such announcements here in Cocoa that led to improvements in our city’s economy, culture and livability.

Of course, we have also seen developments become mired in long-running disputes over zoning and land use that dragged on to the point that developers simply walked away from the proposed project. That appears to have been the case recently in a Florida city about four hours southwest of Brevard County.

According to a news report, a developer recently walked away from a proposed Cape Coral project after ongoing protests by neighbors.

D.R. Horton had announced plans to build homes on the apparently dilapidated Old Cape Coral Golf Club property. Residents were not thrilled, however, and voiced their objections. They object to any development of the 175-acre property, the news report stated.

D.R. Horton said it had made a number of compromises on the project and was not prepared to continue the fight for the development. The company had apparently been lobbying for zoning changes needed to construct homes on the property abandoned by its previous owner more than a decade ago.

In many cases, these kinds of disputes can be avoided or resolved with the help of attorneys experienced in facilitating the development of commercial properties.

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